AFOSI Programs Support

In September 1985, AFOSI HQ invited Association sponsorship of recognition programs for active duty personnel. The Executive Committee, in October 1985, approved presentation of a $200 U.S. Savings Bond to the winner of the worldwide AFOSI Suggestion Program and for plaques awarded annually to the Outstanding Special Agent of the Year in three categories — Officer, Enlisted and Civilian. In January 1990, two more categories were added: AFOSI Outstanding Enlisted Mobilization Assignee (Reservist) Special Agent of the Year and AFOSI Outstanding Officer Mobilization Assignee (Reservist) Special Agent of the Year.

The plaques are 10 x 14 displaying the AFOSI shield in gold on a walnut base with an engraved plate reflecting the appropriate award title and “Sponsored by the Association of Former OSI Special Agents.” The first awards were presented in 1986. At the 1991 AFOSI Annual Awards Banquet, Brig General Francis R Dillon, AFOSI/CC, said, “I am pleased the Association of Former OSI Special Agents continues to sponsor five awards. It’s important to keep tradition strong and we’re honored with the Association’s continued support and participation.” The National Capital Chapter sponsors permanently displayed plaques in AFOSI HQ on which the names of the new winners are inscribed annually.  Subsequent OSI Commanders have continued to recognize Association support at Annual Awards Banquets.

The Association was invited to assist in planning for the 50th OSI anniversary celebration in Washington, DC in Aug 1998 In addition to assisting; the Association undertook the issuance of an AFOSI Commemorative Badge. A commercial vendor produced the badge in two versions — a loose badge with a pin on the reverse and one encased in blue Lucite. The loose badge was controlled and offered for sale only to current and former credentialed AFOSI special agents. The Lucite encased badge was offered for general sale. This product was well received with over 750 loose badges and 140 Lucite easels being sold. This generated approximately $4,500 for the AFOSISA Scholarship/Memorial Fund and $500 for the AFOSI HQ Gator Club Welfare Fund. A 50th Anniversary AFOSI print was commissioned from member Bill TenEyck. Sales from the print generated profits of over $7,000 for the AFOSISA Scholarship/Memorial Fund and $500 for the Gator Booster Club.  The most recent cooperative venture between AFOSI HQ and the Association was initiated in 2008, in planning for the 60th AFOSI anniversary celebration held in Philadelphia, PA.

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