National Employment Coordinator

According to a 1986 Global Alliance item, member William L Cramer, of Bedford, TX, was appointed on an unknown date as the National Employment Coordinator, and was so listed for years in the Membership Directory. The item goes on to state: “Unfortunately, his willingness to help was seldom, if ever, utilized. The problem seemed to be ‘lack of definition of services to be provided by the Employment Coordinator and a lack of interest on the part of the Association membership both in identifying open employment positions for him and in assisting/encouraging former OSI agents to use his services.’”

At the 1981 Convention, the Executive Committee decided to abolish the National Employment Coordinator position and authorize chapter-level Employment Coordinators. These coordinators would be encouraged to assist members in securing second-career positions. The effectiveness of these local coordinators is unknown. In April 1986, then President Clair Miller, with approval of the Executive Committee, reestablished the National Employment Coordinator position and appointed member Jim Carino to the position.  In approximately 2000, Steve Kerley assumed these duties and established on the Yahoo! Website an invitation-only club called “OSI and ASIS Employment News.” Posting of job opportunities is its major function and has been spectacularly successful in terms of the numbers of openings identified.  These job opportunities are located on the Yahoo Server under “members only.”  In addition as jobs become known in the community they are announced by e-mail (list server) to those members who have registered their e-mail address with the Association.  Some positions, which are located within the Washington area, are also distributed, via e-mail, locally to National Capital Chapter members.

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