AFOSI Hall of Fame Nominations

This is the call for nominations for the OSI Hall of Fame’s Class of 2015.

The HOF was established to recognize a select few former members of the organization who demonstrated exceptional dedication and leadership in performance of their duties with AFOSI that set them apart from others who have served in the agency.

  • Only former military and full-time civilian AFOSI personnel, including agents, non-agents, and reservists, assigned to HQ AFOSI, the USAFSIA, or any AFOSI field unit, including predecessor organizations and overseas AFOSI organizations during the period of 1 January 1948 to the present, are eligible for nomination to the AFOSI HOF.
  • After 1 August 1998, a HOF candidate must have been retired or separated from AFOSI service at least 5 years before being eligible for nomination.
  • Nominees must have demonstrated exceptional leadership traits in accomplishing their duties or in overcoming unique problems and emergencies.
  • Their performance must have been above and beyond what was expected of the duties assigned and sustained over a period of time except for unique or emergency actions.
  • A nominee must have made significant and long-term contributions to the AFOSI mission or performed an unusually heroic action.
  • The nominee should have inspired others by personal example, by character, and by conduct as leaders or team players.
  • Nominators should consider how the nominee impacted a particular AFOSI unit or AFOSI as a whole as opposed to emotional feelings based on a personal relationship.
  • Current and former AFOSI members may nominate an individual for induction in the HOF.
  • Nominations must be based on genuine knowledge or documented research.

Prepare nomination packages — include a detailed career biography and a comprehensive written justification — as shown in the attachment in the 2013 AFOSISA Directory on pages 129-130 and submit them to HQ AFOSI/HO via e-mail NLT 27 Feb 2015. Refer questions to or

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