Badges for Retired Agents

In coordination with Blackinton and HQAFOSI, the Association of Former OSI Special Agents (AFOSISA) will process orders for a badge with a “retired” banner in place of the box where the badge number would go.  The badge will be the 2 ¼” badge, the same size as the one carried in the credential cases so commercial cases should work.  The badge can be purchased with a plain back or with a clip on the back.  It is the same badge and quality as the one carried by agents today.  The badge will have the member’s last name engraved on the back.  AFOSISA will process all requests, coordinate with HQ AFOSI to validate authorized individuals, and provide the orders to Blackinton.  It will only be authorized for those who retired as OSI Special Agents.

AFOSI Retired BadgeRetired agents may purchase other AFOSI items.  A recent change allows agents to purchase multiple items (one per item).  The large 3” badge is still available with the initials in the badge number box.  An agent could feasibly purchase a small badge to carry, a large badge with initials for a shadow box and a badge in Lucite trophy for their desk.  The OSI crest may also be purchased by pro-staff members.

In order to validate AFOSI service, applicants will need to also submit an AFOSISA Agent Data Form which includes period of service.  The form is available on the link below. NOTE: If you're ordering a loose badge, i.e., not encased in Lucite, HQAFOSI requires retired agents also submit a copy of their DD Form 214.

Complete and mail forms and your check to AFOSISA, P.O. Box 1468, Apex, NC 27502.  Orders can also be submitted electronically to

HQAFOSI/IGQ  cautioned NOT to publicly display or use the retired AFOSI badge  in a manner to convey the impression the badge has law enforcement status.

Retired Badge Order Form  (updated 01/2022)
AFOSI Retired Agent Data Form

If you have questions about this program, please contact: AFOSISA at our email address, voice mail: (703) 627-2917, or by mail at AFOSISA, PO Box 1468, Apex, NC 27502.

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