Badges for Retired Agents

In coordination with Blackinton and HQAFOSI, the Association of Former OSI Special Agents (AFOSISA) will process orders for a badge with a “retired” banner in place of the box where the badge number would go.  The badge will be the 2 ¼” badge, the same size as the one carried in the credential cases so commercial cases should work.  The badge can be purchased with a plain back or with a clip on the back.  It is the same badge and quality as the one carried by agents today.  The badge will have the member’s last name engraved on the back.  AFOSISA will process all requests, coordinate with HQ AFOSI to validate authorized individuals, and provide the orders to Blackinton.  It will only be authorized for those who retired as OSI Special Agents.

AFOSI Retired BadgeRetired agents may purchase other AFOSI items.  A recent change allows agents to purchase multiple items (one per item).  The large 3” badge is still available with the initials in the badge number box.  An agent could feasibly purchase a small badge to carry, a large badge with initials for a shadow box and a badge in Lucite trophy for their desk.  The OSI crest may also be purchased by pro-staff members.

In order to validate AFOSI service, applicants will need to also submit an AFOSISA Agent Data Form which includes period of service.  This form is also available on the association website (link below). NOTE: If you’re ordering a loose badge, i.e., not encased in Lucite, HQAFOSI requires retired agents also submit a copy of their DD Form 214.

Complete and mail forms and your check to AFOSISA, P.O. Box 1468, Apex, NC 27502.  Orders can also be submitted electronically to

HQAFOSI/IGQ  cautioned NOT to publicly display or use the retired AFOSI badge  in a manner to convey the impression the badge has law enforcement status.

Retired Badge Order Form  (updated 02/2020)
AFOSI Retired Agent Data Form

If you have questions about this program, please contact: AFOSISA at our email address, voice mail: (703) 627-2917, or by mail at AFOSISA, PO Box 1468, Apex, NC 27502.

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2019 Chapter Holiday Party

Our annual holiday party is Thursday, 1830, December  5, at the Army Navy County Club.  The flyer is attached and a snail mail version is on the way also.

Since the renovation at the Army Navy Club, we have to limit the party to 80 people.  Please register by November 29, and remember to bring a small gift to donate to the scholarship raffle.

See the details in the flyer on the NCC chapter page.

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2018 AFOSISA Convention

September 05-09, 2018
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Charleston, SC

An Invitation From AFOSISA’s National President

I am thrilled to invite you to the 2018 AFOSISA Convention to be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Charleston, South Carolina September 5 – 09, 2018. Each convention affords us the opportunity to reunite with our former coworkers, partners, and friends. Below, please find our registration form and convention flyer, which includes options for entertainment/tours in the area.


Bill Gay

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2018 National Capital Chapter Holiday Party!!!

Our annual holiday party is Thursday, 1830, December 13, at the Army Navy County Club.  The flyer is attached and a snail mail version is on the way also.  If the envelope you receive doesn’t read at least 2019 or later, we think your dues are not current.  If we’re wrong, let us know.

Since the renovation at the Army Navy Club, we have to limit the party to 80 people.  Please register early.  Also, please register by December  7, and  remember to bring a small gift to donate to the scholarship raffle.

See the details in the flyer on the NCC chapter page.

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AFOSI Hall of Fame Nominations

This is the call for nominations for the OSI Hall of Fame’s Class of 2015.

The HOF was established to recognize a select few former members of the organization who demonstrated exceptional dedication and leadership in performance of their duties with AFOSI that set them apart from others who have served in the agency.

  • Only former military and full-time civilian AFOSI personnel, including agents, non-agents, and reservists, assigned to HQ AFOSI, the USAFSIA, or any AFOSI field unit, including predecessor organizations and overseas AFOSI organizations during the period of 1 January 1948 to the present, are eligible for nomination to the AFOSI HOF.
  • After 1 August 1998, a HOF candidate must have been retired or separated from AFOSI service at least 5 years before being eligible for nomination.
  • Nominees must have demonstrated exceptional leadership traits in accomplishing their duties or in overcoming unique problems and emergencies.
  • Their performance must have been above and beyond what was expected of the duties assigned and sustained over a period of time except for unique or emergency actions.
  • A nominee must have made significant and long-term contributions to the AFOSI mission or performed an unusually heroic action.
  • The nominee should have inspired others by personal example, by character, and by conduct as leaders or team players.
  • Nominators should consider how the nominee impacted a particular AFOSI unit or AFOSI as a whole as opposed to emotional feelings based on a personal relationship.
  • Current and former AFOSI members may nominate an individual for induction in the HOF.
  • Nominations must be based on genuine knowledge or documented research.

Prepare nomination packages — include a detailed career biography and a comprehensive written justification — as shown in the attachment in the 2013 AFOSISA Directory on pages 129-130 and submit them to HQ AFOSI/HO via e-mail NLT 27 Feb 2015. Refer questions to or

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Necrology Updated

An updated listing of the AFOSISA Necrology has been posted.

See the file on the Necrology page.

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AFOSISA Assignment & Badge Project

The Association of Former OSI Special Agents (AFOSISA) has initiated a project to gather voluntary information regarding assignments and badge numbers of former OSI members. The purpose is to provide an opportunity for members and former OSI members to locate members assigned with them during previous assignments and to assist members in determining prior OSI members who held their badge number.

The project is strictly voluntary and all data will be maintained by AFOSISA and used in accordance with the purpose of the project.

How To Provide Data for the Project:

You may obtain a copy of the data sheet from Bill Micik at Complete the datasheet and return it to Bill at the same email address. For current AFOSI employees, please do not use your OGN email account. Request the form and submit your data to Bill via your personal email account.

AFOSISA Fillable Agent Data Form (pdf)

You can submit using either the built-in Submit button on the PDF form, direct email to Bill Micik, or via regular mail.

Submit Email to:

Submit Mail to:
William Micik
2520 Sharon Circle
Sunderland, MD 20689

How To Request Data:

To request information about previous agents assigned to your badge number or to identify members assigned to your previous unit, send an email request to Bill Micik at  Please provide enough information for Bill to validate you are a former OSI member. If you are an AFOSISA member, please provide your membership number. If you have not previously submitted a datasheet with your badge/assignment information, Bill will ask that you send him a completed datasheet to help confirm your affiliation with AFOSI.

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