AFOSISA Assignment & Badge Project

The Association of Former OSI Special Agents (AFOSISA) has initiated a project to gather voluntary information regarding assignments and badge numbers of former OSI members. The purpose is to provide an opportunity for members and former OSI members to locate members assigned with them during previous assignments and to assist members in determining prior OSI members who held their badge number.

The project is strictly voluntary and all data will be maintained by AFOSISA and used in accordance with the purpose of the project.

How To Provide Data for the Project:

You may obtain a copy of the data sheet from Bill Micik at Complete the datasheet and return it to Bill at the same email address. For current AFOSI employees, please do not use your OGN email account. Request the form and submit your data to Bill via your personal email account.

AFOSISA Fillable Agent Data Form (pdf)

You can submit using either the built-in Submit button on the PDF form, direct email to Bill Micik, or via regular mail.

Submit Email to:

Submit Mail to:
William Micik
2520 Sharon Circle
Sunderland, MD 20689

How To Request Data:

To request information about previous agents assigned to your badge number or to identify members assigned to your previous unit, send an email request to Bill Micik at  Please provide enough information for Bill to validate you are a former OSI member. If you are an AFOSISA member, please provide your membership number. If you have not previously submitted a datasheet with your badge/assignment information, Bill will ask that you send him a completed datasheet to help confirm your affiliation with AFOSI.

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